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Screenshot of splits graph

Left mouse - Fastest 10 splits on selected course
Right mouse - Fastest splits for each class doing leg
Mouse in top axis - All legs from selected control

Splits graph

The Splits Graph highlights time loss on individual legs and allows split times to be compared between runners.

The X axis shows a representative total time for each control. The Y axis shows the competitor's cumulative time lost compared to a specified optimum time. The optimum time may be:
the fastest time for the leg (the default)
the fastest time plus a percentage
the winners time or the time of any individual runner

A vertical black line indicates the currently selected control. Runner annotation to the right of the graph displays the runners name and data for the currently selected control.

Popup windows display the fastest split times for the selected courses (left mouse) and fastest leg time for all classes that included the leg (right mouse).

Screenshot of race graph

Any mouse - Competitors passing control +/- 2 minutes of mouse position

Race graph

The Race Graph is a real-time view that identifies who was running with who and how groups form and split up as the race progresses.

The X axis shows a representative total time for each control. The Y axis shows the competitors total time minus the optimum time at each control. This view is not available if the results do not contain start time data.

A popup window (left or right mouse button) displays all competitors passing through a control two minutes either side of the current mouse position.

When only one runner is selected the 'Crossing runners' button is enabled. This automatically selects all runners that passed or were passed by the selected runner.

Screenshot of text results display

Results table

The results table displays a simple table of results - enough said!

Course/Class selection

The class to view may be selected from the class dropdown. Other classes running the course are displayed in the course checkbox next to the class dropdown. These may be included in the displayed results by single clicking on them.

Runner annotation

The runner annotation is displayed to the right of the both the splits and race graph. It identifies the runner by name and optionally includes the following data for the selected control:
total time to control and position
split time for the leg and leg position
time behind the fastest time
loss for leg calculated as below
The checkboxes to the bottom right of the window select the data values to display in the annotation.

Time Loss calculation

The time loss for each leg is estimated as follows:
1. Calculate competitors rate of time loss for each leg compared the fastest time on the course for the leg.
(split(leg) - fastest(leg)) / fastest(leg)
2. Find the median leg time loss rate for the competitor. Using the median means it will not be influenced by large losses or short legs.
3. Using this median loss rate calculate the target time for each control.
4. Calculate loss based on this target time.

How do I

Q - How long did I lose at control 3?
A - In Splits View check that the 'Time loss' checkbox is selected in the bottom right. Select your class and result and place the cursor on the required control. The time loss is displayed in the runner annotation to the right of the graph. The time loss is the last entry in the annotation.

Q - How does my run compare to my mates?
A - In Splits View selecting both runners will give a direct comparison. At any control the line on top will be the one that is ahead at that point. For each control the line that slopes upwards more will be the faster split. For a more accurate comparison use your time as the optimum by selecting 'Any runner' in the 'Compare with' and then selecting yourself in competitor dropdown. Now your line will be horizontal. Any faster splits than you will slope upwards and any slower ones downwards.

Q - Who has the fastest run-in split both overall and in my class?
A - In Splits View place the mouse to the right of the 'Finish' leg. Pressing the left mouse button will give the fastest competitors in your class. Pressing the right button will display the fastest competitor in each class with the same last control.

Q - How long had I taken up to number 6?
A - In Splits View check the 'Total time' checkbox on the bottom of the graph. The runner annotation to the right of the graph will nor show the total time immediately after the name. Move the move the mouse to the required control to display the total time for the required leg.

Q - Who was running with me between controls 2 and 3?
A - In Race View clear all current selections and then select yourself. Pressing the 'Crossing runners' button will select all runners that you passed/were passed by you. Deselecting runners much slower then you will expand the scale if required.

Q - Who was that stunning blond/rugged M21 that I saw at control 2.
A - In Race View select yourself, place the mouse pointer at control two at your time and press the left mouse button. The pop-up will display all competitors 2 passing the control within 2 minutes of you.