SportIdent Column Separated Variable (CSV) format

This is the prefered format for SportIdent OE/MT results until support for the IOF standard format is added.

Create the output file in OE/MT software as described below. Note that the exact menu options may vary slightly depending on the version of the software used.

1.    Run SportIdent OE2000 / MT2000,  Use the select the Competition day/Results menu option.

2.    Click SportIdent in the menu in the Results window shown below. If you are using MT2000, make sure that the right stage is selected.

SportIdent results window

3.    Select all the classes .

4.    Click Interface to output the results.

5.   Finally save the output file.   Character Seperated Columns must be selected. A comma or semi-colon may be used as the separator character. Double quotes mut be used for the String delimiter. Specify a file name and create the file by pressing OK.

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