CVS file format

The Splitsbrowser CVS file format provides a simple format to allow easy submission of results using manual formatting.

The data for each class is started with a header line and the end of the class in indicated by a blank line.  
The class header line contains the following, comma separated fields.
Name Type Description
class name String Given name of competitor
No of controls Integer Number of controls on the course

For each competitor in the class the following, comma separated, fields are required.

Name Type Description
first name String Given name of competitor
surname String Family name of competitor
club String Short club name
start time hh:mm Start time in hours and minutes
If no start time is avaliable a time of 00:00 should be specified.
split times mmm:ss The time taken for each leg in minutes and seconds.
A total of (number of controls+1) split times are required.
If there is no valid time for the control a time of 00:00 should be specified.

String fields should not be quoted.  If no value is available for a string field it may be left blank (,,). .
If no value is available for a time then 00:00 should be specified.

For example:



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