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Using Splitsbrowser on your own site

Event organisers can use SplitsBrowser to display results on their own site as follows:

1 Download SplitsBrowser deployment zip file from here.
2 Unzip java executable and example html from the zip file.
You will need a  decompression program like WinZip.  It is possible that your browser will perform this stage automatically when you download the file.
Create html output file from e-punching system.
Compress the html output using WinZip program if you have it.  
As a guide if the compressed file size is greater than 100KB then it may be worth considering breaking the results up into separate sub-files. 

Modify the example html as follows:

1. Edit the value of the src applet parameter to the name of the your results file. (replace as described in applet customisation below.

2. Edit the dataformat applet parameter to identify the format of your file as described in applet customisation below.

3 . Edit the html page title to the name of your event.

6 Add a link to the html file from your event details.
7 Upload the html file, zipped results and jar file to the same directory on your web server.
8 Test that the results can be successfully viewed online.

Applet customisation

It is possible to customise the display using applet parameters.   The following parameter values may be set. For each parameter the name and value should be specified in the html file in double quotes. 
<PARAM NAME="dataformat" VALUE="SICVS">
Color values are specified using hexadecimal RGB values which is the same as HTML uses. The following parameters are available. 

Name Description Example

Filename of the results file.

If the file extension is:
.zip then the file will be interpreted as a compressed zip file.
.gz the file will be interpreted as a gzip compressed archive.

The input file name must be specified.

Format of the input data.

Valid values are:
SBCSV = Splitsbrowser comma separated values
SIHTML = SportIdent HTML format from OE2000 or MT2000
SICSV = SportIdent CVS file format

The data format must be specified.

color1 Color of the first stripe on the progress-o-gram. CBF5FF
color2 Color of the second stripe on the progress-o-gram. D8DCFF
graphbackground Background color for the progress-o-gram. 99CCFF
backgroundcolor Color of background of the applet. 3399FF
language Language to use for display text.
The default is to use the browser's language.

Render results with a thin line.
1 for thick lines (default)
0 for thin lines